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The weekly team meetings are usually Friday 10am in room LT11.01 in Livingstone Tower. The content of each meeting is announced to everyone who is on the mailing list. Please contact zuzana.pinkosova[at] if you want to be added on the list.

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Areas of our research comprise these interests:

  • User-centric and personalized information retrieval,
  • NeuroIS – study of neuropsychological aspects of IR  using advanced techniques of neuroimaging towards improving design of user-centric systems,
  • Adaptive information retrieval,
  • Implicit feedback-based search systems,
  • Affective and sentiment information retrieval systems,
  • Pro-active search systems,
  • Big Data,
  • Smart City and  Urban Informatics,
  • Content-based and collaborative filtering and recommender systems.


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In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s there are few.

- Shunryu Suzuki


Academic members

Dr Yashar Moshfeghi

Group leader

website: link

Student members

Past Members

  • Jorge David Gonzales Paule

    Jorge David Gonzales Paule, Yeran Sun, Yashar Moshfeghi: On Fine-Grained Geolocation of Tweets and Real-Time Traffic Incident Detection. in Journal of Information Processing and Management (2018)